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Funny chuck norris jokes

Here you will find great collection of funny, silly and corny chuck norris jokes for vegans and vegetarians and anyone else who likes Chuck Norris. Every plant lovers will love this funny jokes about chuck norris.

Chuck Norris can pick oranges from an apple tree and make the best lemonade you've ever tasted.
Chuck Norris can prepare a Vegan dish out of pork, beef, chicken, eggs, milk, and butter.
Chuck Norris can squeeze orange juice from a banana.
Chuck Norris can take potatoes, celery & carrots and make the best fruit salad you've ever tasted.
Chuck Norris can turn a vegan into a cannibal.
Chuck Norris converts to Adventism, turns world vegetarian.
Chuck Norris doesn't eat vegetables, because they don't beg for mercy.
Chuck Norris is a vegetarian. Meaning, he does not eat animals until first he puts them into vegetative state with his fists.
Chuck Norris is considered a vegan because he eats meat!
Chuck Norris is so fast, he runs around his fruits and veggies until they become a green smoothie!
When Chuck Norris wants salad, he eats a vegetarian.