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Welcome to Vegan Jokes

Here you will find great collection of funny, silly and corny vegan and vegetarian jokes for plant lovers of all ages. You will also find quotes, oneliners, puns about vegans and vegitarians. Have some fun!


Random jokes

Guest: Do you have a vegan option?
Waiter: Is vegetarian ok?
Guest: Is monopoly money ok?
Which vegetarian dish is made from a few spuds of similar shape and color?
Chuck Norris can turn a vegan into a cannibal.
I want to dip u in green paint and spank u like a disobedient avocado!
What do vegans wear when going to the pool?

Latest 5 jokes

What do vegans and vampires have in common?
What did the grill master say to the vegan?
Why do vegans hate astronomy?
Are you a carnivore, but want to eat good, lean healthy meat? Eat a vegan!
Chuck Norris doesn’t eat salad, he eats vegetarians!