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Funny oneliner jokes

Here you will find great collection of funny, silly and corny oneliner jokes for vegans and vegetarians and anyone else who likes oneliners. Every plant lovers will love this funny jokes about oneliner.

Being a vegetarian or vegan can be a huge missed steak for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Being vegan is not a trend, it is an awakening.
Being vegan isn’t the most we can do, it’s the least we can do.
Climate Change needs to hire Corona Virus’s publicist.
Did you know that cows are vegetarians so that you don't have to be?
Drinking cows’ milk? How dairy you.
I discovered that becoming vegan was a huge missed steak.
I think it's an unwritten rule that you must love avocados in order to be a vegan.
I went to this vegetarian BBQ party. They smoked weed.
I'm a vegetarian. I just don't practice.
If a vegetarian eats vegetables, what the hell do u think a humanitarian eats?
If I'm just a piece of cake, you're just a piece of meat to me.
If two vegans get in a fight, is it still considered a beef?
If you eat a vegan is it still cannibalism?
If you only eat meat, you're a carnivore, If you only eat plants you're a vegetarian, If you eat both you're an omnivore, but if you eat humans you're a cannibal and are asked to leave the morgue.