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Vegan slogans

Here you will find great collection of funny, silly and corny vegan slogans for vegans and vegetarians and anyone else who likes Slogans. Every plant lovers will love this funny jokes about slogans.


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100% Vegan!
Animals are our friends not our food
Animals life are not made for our meal.
Animals Love Me – Plants Fear Me.
Animals Love Vegetarians. Plants Fear Them.
Avoid the meat, try some beets?
Be a cow boy not a cow eater

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Be Human AND Humane
Be Vegan, Be Mine
Become animal lover not animal eater.
Becoming vegan is not a trend, it is an awakening
Born Again Vegan
Change What You Eat – Change The World.
Do not eat life that are very innocents.
Eat green stay green forever.

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Eat nothing with a face or a mother.
Even Cows Don't Drink Milk - So Why Would You?
Every Bite Counts - Be Vegan
Every Bite Counts.
Feed It, Don’t Eat It.
Feel proud to be vegan
Fish is not a vegetable
Food For Thought - Vegan For Life

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Food For Thought.
For animal rights, be a vegetarian.
For animals rights, be a vegetarian
Free animals – Eat vegetables
Give Peas A Chance - Go Veg!
Go green before green goes
Go Greener - Go Vegan
Go Greener.
Go Vegan - It's The Right Thing To Do
Have A Heart - Go Vegan
Hug a vegetarian
Hug a Vegetarian, Save a Cow.
I am a baby, not bacon!
I am vegan because I have heart in my body
I am vegetarian. I save lives.
I didn’t change, I just woke up
I Don’t Eat My Friends.
I don’t have death on my breath – Go vegan
I love animals-just not for dinner
I Love Animals. Just Not On My Plate.
I think therefore I am vegetarian
I think; therefore I’m vegan
If you aren’t a vegetarian you don’t know beans
It feels good to be a vegetarian
I’m Kind To Animals.
I’m Proud To Be a Vegetarian.
Keep calm and vegan on
Kick out the meat from your life
Kick Your Meat To The Curb.
Leave meat, change your life
Let’s Go Green Together
Let’s say together bye bye to meat.
Live green and go green
Live Green, Love Green, Think Green.
Love animals, don’t wear them
Love animals, eat veggies
Make peace not sausages

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