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Vegan slogans


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Meat’s no treat, for those you eat
My body is not a graveyard
My plate is green, Your plate is blood red
No religion forces you to eat innocent lives.
Non Violence begins with your diet!
Not your mother. Not your milk.
Peace starts on our plate.

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Peace, Love, Vegetarian
Planet Earth Is For ALL Of Us
Practise compassion – Go Vegan
Pure heart always eat a pure meal.
Real Humans Don’t Kill Non-Humans
Respect animals and respect your self.
Show some love and respect for the animals.
Spare an animal, eat a vegetable

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Spread hummus, not hate
Stay healthy and eat vegetables.
Stop animal testing
There’s no blood on my plate!
There’s Nothing Sweet About Eating Meat.
Thing vegetarian, go vegetarian
Tofu never screams
Vegan family, happy family

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Vegan food is delicious too
Vegan For A Reason
Vegan For Life
Vegan life is the best life.
Vegan powered by plants
Veganism is as good as it gets
Veganism makes you a better person
Veganism – The only ethical choice
Vegans Save Lives
Vegans Taste Better
Vegans Unite!
Vegetarian because I know better
Vegetarian taste better
Vegetarians Eat The Good Life.
What Would Jesus Eat Today?
Why Am I Vegan? Why Are You Not?
Why I’m a Vegan? Just Google ‘factory farming’
Wings are for flying, not for frying
You can save a life by not eating one.
You can still live without eating them
YOU Have A Choice, They Don't - Be Vegan
You Have A Choice, They Don’t.

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