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Fruit pick up lines

Here you will find great collection of funny, silly and corny fruit pick up lines for vegans and vegetarians and anyone else who likes Fruit Pick Up Lines. Every plant lovers will love this funny jokes about fruit pick up lines.

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Babe, do you have any lemons? Because I need your Lemon Aid in love.
Babe, you are not a lemon because you are too sweet to be one.
Baby, if you were a fruit you'd be a Fineapple.
Call me if you ever get hurt; I give lemon-aid!
Care for a dance? Cause it takes two to mango!
Darling! If you’d be a fruit, you must be a date cause I loved to eat a date.
Did you sit on a lemon cake precious? Cause you have a pretty sweet ass!

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Girl! You’re the apple of my eye.
Girl, you’re a peach, and I could eat a peach for hours.
Hey babes! You’d be a sensual lip as like as red strawberry.
Hey guy! Do you want to eat my oranges all night?
Honeydew you eat a lot of mangoes? Cause you make a man-go crazy!
Honeydew you eat a lot of mangoes? Cause you make a man-go crazy!
How big does your squash grow?
I bet I’d got bananas for you and never wanna split.

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I fall in love with your sensational apples.
I know, I know, I suck at pickup limes.
I loved to eat fruit salad with you.
I really like you so kiwi be friends?
I'll be fruit; you be vegetables. Let's see what we produce.
If you were a berry, I would turn you into jam and eat you all winter.
If you were an apple in a large orchard, I would still pick you!
If you will be mine, I lime yours.

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If you’d be a fine apple, so I cut you smoothly with my knife.
If you’ll try my zucchini, your peach would be an amazing snack!
I’ll trade you two pineapples for a go at your cucumber.
Maybe I’m not 8 inches but this banana is still worth peeling.
We could be runaway lovers, but I cantaloupe.
We should plant seeds together, with my hoe cultivating your land – we’d have the best fruits.
Why I’m feeling thirst? I think I just need your delicious melons juice.
You must be a farm lover because you’ve grown some fabulous melons.
You must be a raisin, cause you’re a raisin my eggplant.

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