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Funny vegetarian jokes

What do you call a vegetarian trans-man?
What do you call a vegetarian who goes back to eating meat?
What do you call a vegetarian's formal speech about pungent bulbs?
What does a vegetarian vampire eat?
What does Cher say to a vegetarian?
What is the Native American word for vegetarian?
What is the turkey thankful for this Thanksgiving?
What prompted the last massive veggie protest?
What's it called when a vegetarian starts eating meat again?
What's the difference between a vegetarian and a carnivore?
When my wife changed religions she wanted me to be a vegetarian for health reasons. I started eating more fruits and vegetables religiously complemented with soy products such as tofu and veggie burgers. When I read the veggie burger package I was impressed by the multitude of mystery ingredients needed to make the veggie burger taste good. I said, “Wow if the soy doesn’t kill me the byproducts I buy will.”
Which vegetarian dish is made from a few spuds of similar shape and color?
Why did the vegetarian go to the market?
Why shouldn’t you become a vegetarian?