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Vegan movie puns

Here you will find great collection of funny, silly and corny vegan movie puns for vegans and vegetarians and anyone else who likes Movie Puns. Every plant lovers will love this funny jokes about movie puns.


Showing all 44 vegan movie puns

21 Jump Beet
9 and a half leeks
A Mushroom With A View
An Officer and A Lentil-man
Avengers: Edamame
Beauty and the Beet
Black beans to the Future

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Blade Runnerbean
Bohemian Rapeseed
Bring Me The Head Of Lettuce of Alfredo Garcia
Carrot in Wonderland
Conan The Rhubarbarian
Corn on the Fourth of July
Did you like the movie, Pirates of the Carib-bean?
Die Chard

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Dry Chard With a Vengeance
Lentil King
Lord Of The Onion Rings
Mary Popcorn
Mission Impastable
Mrs Sprout Fire
Once upon a thyme in Hollywood
Raiders of the Lost Artichoke

More awesome vegan movie puns below

Rutabaga and The Seven Peas
Silence of the Yams
Snow White and the Seven Gourds
Suicide Squash
The 40 Year Old Vegan
The Carrot-tie Kid
The Eggplant of Emily Rose
The Green Grocers Mile
The Green Onion Mile
The Hateful Eggplant
The King's Spinach
The Lost Bok Choys
The Never Endivia Story
The phantom of the Okra
The Podfather
The talented Mr tomato
Tofu Good Men
War and Peas
Watercress Boy
We Bought A Zucchini
You've Got Kale

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