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Carrot puns

Here you will find great collection of funny, silly and corny carrot puns for vegans and vegetarians and anyone else who likes Carrot Puns. Every plant lovers will love this funny jokes about carrot puns.


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A person who is crazy about corn is called a corn-ivore.
Carrots are really good for your eyes. You never see a bunny with glasses!
Carrots can really improve your eyesight. They contain vitamin see!
I absolutely carrot live without you!
I do not carrot all.
I ran out of carrots so I ordered a replacement. But it didn’t turnip.
I really carrot-bout you!

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If you ask a vegetable what he’s most afraid of, he’ll say a scarrot!
It’s no surprise that the corncob gets lost, she lives in a large maze.
Keep calm and carrot on!
Of course carrots like sports - they love rooting for their favorite team.
Snowmen don’t like carrot cake. They think it tastes like boogers.
Thanks for your nice message, I will carrot in my heart!
That angry carrot is a real steamed veggie!
The best gift to give to a bunny is a 10 carrot necklace!

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The best student at the corn college is called the a-corn.
The bunny said to the carrot “It was nice gnawing you!”.
The carrot blushed when he saw the salad dressing.
The carrot has a football match tomorrow, everyone is rooting for it to win!
The carrot performed so well, he was outstanding in his field.
The carrot said to the rabbit, “do you want to grab a bite?”
The world has really changed, people don’t carrot all.
To all the people who eat baby carrots, I feel you don’t carrot all.

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We knew we were going to win because all the carrots were rooting for us.
You should not take corn on a plane because they will make your ears pop.

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